Kayak & rafting

We have had 25 years of tradition, experience and competitions in water sports. On the beautiful Savinja river we’ll teach you the basics of handling rapids, both with raft or kayak.
In addition to guided descents we offer rental of professional kayak equipment, while children and beginners can paddle on a quiet part of the Savinja under our boathouse.
Sport center Prodnik Rafting Savinja
Prices (in EUR per Person)
RAFT – escorted descent 40,00
KAYAK – escorted descent (at least 3 people) 50,00
KAYAK – escorted descent (2 people) 45,00
KAYAK – escorted descent (1 person) 50,00
KAYAK – descent without escort 30,00
KAYAKING on quiet water - equipment rental 1 hour/kayak 10,00
RAFTING on quiet water - equipment rental 1 hour/raft 5,00

The prices already include VAT.
Use of equipment for kayaking and rafting on quiet water is FREE for overnight guests!

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